Storm windows and replacement windows in Rutland, VT

Explore the key benefits of installing storm windows

You must have heard about a storm window but are you actually familiar as to how you can benefit from these? Relax, help is at hand. We at Royal Group offer a wide range of storm windows and our staffs and technicians along with helping you select the right model will also make you familiar regarding its different benefits. Our service area includes the whole of Rutland VT.

What is so special about a storm window?

  • These are designed to be highly durable and extremely tough to the elements to which it will be exposed to constantly. In short, it will help in preserving the pre-existing windows integrity
  • Another good reason to install these windows is that it offers an insulation barrier. It will create an air pocket amid the glass which will prevent heat and cold transfer in higher quantities which in turn will increase efficiency. This in turn will cut down the cooling and heating bills considerably
  • Installing a storm window will be an excellent means of boosting up the value of a home
  • It comes pre-loaded with additional features such as different coatings, acoustic insulation and strong UV ray filter
  • It is more affordable compared to replacement windows
  • Another big advantage of installing these windows is that you do not require a professional to install it. In fact, this a DIY project which means you can save on installation prices
  • These windows need relatively low maintenance.
  • These come in different materials such as wood, aluminum and vinyl with each having its respective perks.

Apart from this there are many more benefits of installing a storm window. The increased efficiency together with the low cost of installation makes these windows an ideal pick. So if you need these windows give us a call right away.


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