Replacement and storm windows in Rutland, VT

Key reasons to install storm windows in your home

Storm doors and windows are aptly named as these are resistant to stormy weather yet this is not its sole benefit. Basically, it is an extra window which will protect the outer entrance. Its body is made of fiberglass or aluminium with room for either mesh screen insert or a glass. This is mounted outside or inside a glass window. Considering its many benefits we at Royal Group offer a wide range of storm windows in different makes and models and in different price range. People residing in different parts of Rutland, VT can make the most of these windows.

How your household can benefit from installing these windows?

  • Energy Efficiency- the fact is this additional barrier indicates extra protection against outdoor temperatures. And when you seal off the window in your home naturally you can save a good amount on cooling and heating costs
  • Security- The best part is you can lock the window and create an additional barrier in your home. Although a storm window will not act as a substitute for security systems, yet it can help to prevent potential break-ins
  • Insect-free air- With the arrival of summer you have to encounter the extra mosquitoes. But if you install a storm window you can enjoy the fresh breeze and not the mosquito bites. The insects will remain outside provided your storm window has a mesh insert
  • Extra protection- When a storm window is installed on the glass window’s exterior it will help in absorbing the force of the elements and protect the windows debris and gusts of wind

Are you interested in installing a storm window? If yes stop by Royal Group. For any queries related to these windows you can browse our website, give us a call or drop us a mail.


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