Mass Notification / CODE BLUE Authorized Dealer

The Royal Group is the new VT Distributor / Integrator for CODE BLUE,
award winning Mass Notification Safety Products manufacturer.


Emergency Notification

Code Blue’s community safety products can be found just about everywhere — universities, healthcare facilities, parking lots, and anywhere else security is a concern. The Royal Group is pleased to announce that we are now the Code Blue dealer in Vermont. So, you will be seeing more and more of Code Blue’s help points and mass notification systems across the state. In fact, The Royal Group is proud to partner with Code Blue to help improve our local communities, reduce municipal costs and liability and to preserve peace of mind. We are in the business of keeping you safe, and our partnership with Code Blue provides us with new opportunities to do exactly that.


Code Blue is the pioneer in developing and producing vandal-resistant Blue Light Emergency Phones. These American-made emergency communication solutions offer you a level of incident deterrence and management that is unmatched. Beautifully designed and crafted to match the aesthetics of your location, Code Blue products are self-monitoring and provide real-time incident reporting with just the push of a button. Not only is Code Blue compliant with the latest regulations including ADA and NFPA 72(2010), but they can be customized to include a variety of industry-leading features, so you can select the options that work best for your particular needs and application.

Code Blue Solutions are prefect for:

  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Hospitals
  • Business Parks & Corporate Facilities
  • Mass Transit
  • Shopping Centersstadium
  • Parking Lots & Garages
  • Stadiums

By proving pinpoint accuracy in identifying an incident location and superior audio quality, Code Blue provides fast access to help anytime assistance is needed. In addition, it offers full incident reporting software; Analog IP and cellular connectivity options and a variety of voltage and power supply options, including solar, wind, PoE and Night Charge.

Mass Notification

In today’s fast paced world, transmitting and accessing information rapidly is vital. The is especially true in emergency situations. With Code Blue’s award-winning Mass Notification and Event Management Solutions, available through The Royal Group, you can proactively ensure that those you keep safe will be led out of harm’s way. When a situation occurs, Code Blue’s Mass Notification and Event Management Solutions don’t just give you eyes and ears, they give you a voice, allowing you to broadcast in real-time across your campus, community, corporate facility or anywhere else. As Vermont’s exclusive and only Code Blue dealer, The Royal Group is proud to help bring this revolutionary technology to our communities, creating a positive impact that benefits us all.

BlueAlertEMS-logoOur Commitment to You

The Royal Group brings over 80 years of experience to your commercial and public security needs, and we are committed to providing products and services that evolve to meet your changing needs. Our partnership with Code Blue is yet another step in our mission to delivering the finest, state-of-the-art security solutions to businesses and municipalities throughout Vermont. We welcome your security challenges, and we are dedicated to helping you select the products that will best meet your needs today and in the future. Contact us to learn more about how Code Blue and The Royal Group are changing the face of Vermont public security.

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