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Home security systems should deter, prevent, detect and alert

Home security systems should deter, prevent, detect and alert. The importance or value of home security is not the question but rather what type of home security system can perform the important functions of deterring, preventing, detecting and alerting without making you feel like you are living in a prison. The Royal Group offers home security systems in Burlington VT, Vermont and Rutland VT and they help keep you and your family safe 24/7.

It is always better to prevent something that you don’t want than to deal with the consequences afterwards. Most home security systems offer some element of deterrence. Signage in and around your property will warn would be intruders that your property is protected and monitored. Prevention in the form of access control is another important layer in home security and safety. This can be in the form of gate access control, walls, electric fencing, burglar bars and more.

Should an incident such as an intrusion occur you certainly want an effective detection and alert mechanism.   Motion and intrusion detection alarms can alert you as well the security company. When an alarm sound it could give you and your family time to escape to safe room until the authorities arrive. Alarms and intrusion detectors should cover all possible points of entry. Alarms can also detect other perils such as fire and flooding.

Surveillance cameras can also play a role in detection and identification. They can record valuable footage that can later be used as evidence should that be required. Real-time monitoring can also result in fast and immediate response to an incident. Once the security company is alerted they will take immediate action and can trigger rapid response if required.

Depending on the nature and size of your home or estate, perimeter protection may or may not be important.

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