Fire Protection in Vermont

At times a fire extinguisher may not suffice. A fire may come in various forms and can demand different techniques for preventing injury and minimizing damage. Today fire protection systems are available in different types with each designed to handle the emergencies in various ways. Considering its growing demand we at Royal Group offer these systems in different makes and models. Our staffs are extremely friendly and supportive and will walk you through the different models and make you aware of the different benefits of each to help to choose the best. People residing in and around Burlington, VT, Rutland, VT and Vermont can make the most of our products and services.

Explore the different types of fire protection systems 

At Royal Group we offer a wide array of fire protection systems such as,

  • Fire extinguishers- this is used to attack a fire instantly which is localized to any specific area. We offer fire extinguishers of different types such as to control cooking fires, grease and rubbish fires amid others.
  • Fire blankets- this equipment is helpful when small fires take place and requires being smothered right away.
  • Sprinkler systems- using water is common for extinguishing fire as it can cool down the fire and deprive it from the heat. Water can also help in smothering the fire cutting down the chance of consuming oxygen. During a large fire outbreak a sprinkler system will help in extinguishing the fire quickly and minimizing injuries and damages.
  • Gas or halon systems- this system is quite sophisticated and is used for extinguishing electrical fires devoid of creating any damage to the computer equipment. As it contains dangerous chemicals so it should be used with extreme caution.

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