Fire Protection in Rutland VT, Burlington VT, Vermont, and all the Surrounding Areas

Did you know that thousands of fires are reported each year in The States? When a fire breaks out, you have even less than 2 minutes to escape. You need a proper fire protection plan. At Royal Group we have a team of professionals who will prepare you for moments like these. They will sit with you and discuss the escape plan from beforehand and they will install a smoke alarm at the right places. For over 80 years we have earned a name for ourselves in Real Home Security Systems & Fire Protection. We prioritize the safety and security of our clients at all times; even when you are not home, our services are designed in such a way that your home and office will be protected even in your absence. Our fire detection systems at the Royal Group are quick to detect fire or smoke which gives you some extra time to evacuate the property with all necessary documents or belongings. Not only that, this early detection can also be beneficial in getting a quicker response from the local fire department, and when they arrive on time your property faces minimal damage. We can even boast of the fact that we can incorporate a special fire suppression feature in our systems. 

Fire Protection in Rutland VT, Burlington VT, Vermont

Below we have mentioned the top 2 tips we can provide you for fire protection. Take a look. 

  • Appropriately place smoke detectors 

The smoke detectors should be placed on each floor of your home, even the basement. You should change the batteries and clean them as recommended by the manufacturer and test them every month. Even if it’s not needed for a long time, you should replace the detectors once every 10 years since over the years they lose their sensitivity. 


  • Minimize the fire hazard in your home 

If your equipment is not properly maintained, it may not go off when required. Make sure you don’t have any faulty electric work. If your line frequently trips then have a licensed electrician check your electrical system. only if your system is free of electrical malfunctions can it operate efficiently. 

So, if you are looking for fire protection services in Vermont, Burlington VT, Rutland VT, you can call us. 

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