Fire alarm systems in Burlington and Rutland, Vermont

Fire protection is part of an overall risk management strategy

There are many forms of fire protection, direct and indirect. Direct fire protection are things such as fire alarms, safes, fire resistant building materials, electrical maintenance and so on. Indirect fire protection will be in the form of property insurance. The Royal Group specializes in fire protection products in Burlington, Rutland and surrounding areas of Vermont.

Your first line of fire protection should be early warning and prevention. State of the art commercial and residential fire alarms can detect a potential fire and this could give you and responders enough warning to prevent a disaster. Quick detection of smoke and fire can help mitigate damage and also enhance evacuation procedures.

Fire detection systems can be tailored and customized for your building or facility to ensure the most effective fire detection and protection. Fire detection systems can also be integrated with suppressions systems such as water sprinklers. Fire alarms can also include voice evacuation commands as well as mass notifications.

Fire alarms play an important role in detection and early warning. However, for additional protection of valuables a fire safe or vault makes a lot of sense. There are certain documents, files and valuables that could be irreplaceable and a vault or safe can keep these items and documents out of harm’s way in the event of a fire.

There are a variety of new, used or refurbished vaults and safes for commercial as well as residential use. These include wall safes, bank vaults and gun safes. These safes and vaults offer complete fire protection for your business or domestic valuables.

Of course it always a good idea to have right property insurance to complete your fire protection and risk management strategies. Some disasters can be prevented or mitigated with fire protection devices. However, you should be prepared for the worst and that means you should have a complete risk management strategy that includes fire protection device as well as insurance coverage.





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