The Need for Security

There’s never been more focus on the need to protect your buildings, assets, and employees than right now. Concerns over the rising number of identity thefts, the proliferation and loss of mobile assets, and the implementation of new Federal Government standards continually challenge security managers to find the best way to secure their buildings, assets, and intellectual property. IT technology is rapidly impacting the way systems are developed, installed, and managed – and compatibility with IT standards has become a critical need. Security managers facing constantly evolving requirements must find scalable systems that have the flexibility to meet their long-term needs. Royal Technologies has been installing state of the art security systems for years. We know (bold) the industry and we know what would best suit your facility.

Not all business facilities have the same security needs. As a matter of fact, they are all different. The hospital needs a different approach than say the manufacturing plant. The school or college campus has a whole different set of needs. These concerns should be addressed by a firm who can give the right answers to your questions and propose a system that will protect you and your investments, while providing the functions and service you expect. Lastly, our  systems are “future-proofed” to protect your investment for the changing world ahead.

Access Control Systems

The Access Control System allows the client to control the access into and out of the facility. The Access Control System answers three important questions:
Who? Where? When?  Access control controls who comes into your facility and When they come into your facility and what door or doors they have authority to enter. 

Who tried to enter? When did they enter? Where did they enter? You can control your system in ways that are flexible and convenient to you and your personnel. Access control can be controlled by using a card reader or digital keypad that gives you the ability to use a card, a key fob, a digital code or even hand recognition using BIOMETRICS. It all depends on how you want to control it. Our central software system allows you to monitor all doors and to change the times and circumstances under which you would monitor those doors. You can adhere to certain dates and times and make changes accordingly. You can adjust the system to unlock and re-lock the facility at any pre-determined time. Flexibility is the name of the game with the High Quality Access Control Systems Royal provides.

Having the peace of mind of knowing that you can control a facility with an access control system is a good thing! Let us show you how!

Video Security Systems—Modern Times Modern Tools

In these unsettled times in our world, the need to monitor certain areas has become not only desirable but in many instances, it has been mandated by law or the Corporation. The need to “see” what has happened can many times help to mitigate problems in the future. The video security system, previously know as a CCTV system, has become a tool for law enforcement, liability, security, health and safety and other issues as well. The days of using video tapes are gone. You no longer have to plod through hours of tape looking for an incident. Today we use the DVR or “Digital Video Recorder” and NVR “Network Video Recorders.” This is a digital hard drive that records and stores the camera’s images. It is now possible to time stamp an event and go directly to the images for review, instantly. We can provide you with detailed information on these systems. Give us a call!

Fire Alarm Systems

Royal Technologies and Pro-Tech Security & Fire (not protect systems) are fully licensed and accredited security & fire alarm companies. We provide systems that work and are serviceable. Our preventative maintenance programs ensure that your system will be in optimal working condition and stay that way. We are accessible! If you need us to check a problem we’ll be there. We don’t avoid systems that have been installed by others. We will advise you as to how to approach those systems. Just because we didn’t install it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about you, the end user, and our business partner. Our technicians are trained to fish out problems in a system and fix them correctly, the first time. We stand by what we do and guarantee your satisfaction. Call us if you would like an assessment of your existing system or you feel you need to upgrade.

Annual Fire Alarm Inspections: Fire Alarm Systems are mandated by law to be inspected by a “Technically Qualified Professional (TQP) annually. A State of Vermont licensed technician inspects all functions of your fire alarm systems and files all necessary paperwork with the State of Vermont. With our automated testing and inspection service, we watch your back to make sure your Vermont State mandatory annual inspection is completed in a timely manner.

One Stop Shopping

The great thing about doing business with the Royal Group is the aspect of “one stop shopping”. As you can see by the items listed above, we provide all of the services that come into play for most clients. We can tie all of your systems together and deliver the products and services from one company. There won’t be any finger pointing if there is ever an issue, because Royal Technologies owns the whole deal. We are accountable to you the client and our goal is your complete satisfaction. (bold) As you can see by the list below, the Royal Team can provide you with the “one stop shopping” that you desire. You can keep it all under one roof and let us serve you with pride.

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