Countryside Glass in Rutland and all the Surrounding Areas

Have you just bought your first house? Do you want to decorate it with floor to ceiling glass walls? Then you have come to the right place. We, at Royal Group, take great pride in our countryside glass products. With our product, you can have excellent window panes, an exquisite mirror, and even plan a small greenhouse in your yard. Being a locally owned and operated business operating in the Rutland region, we are fully aware of what our customers want. We have created a personal relationship with our clients which make it easier for us to work along with their plans and ideas. Our glasses are etched and tempered just the way our customers want it and using top-quality materials these glasses are installed by our unparalleled workmanship. We make it our family’s business to protect your family from all kinds of threats and provide you with exceptional services. 

Countryside Glass in Rutland

Below we have mentioned the 3 main characteristics of our countryside glass. Take a look. 

  • Density and hardness 

The bending strength of the countryside glass is the measure of its resistance. With a 4mm thick pane, the glass is hard enough with compression resistance of 800-1000 MPa to bear heavy loads. Along with this, transparency, heat resistance, and breakage résistance are common characteristics of these types of glasses. 

  • Refractive index 

In float glasses like such countryside glass where the refractive index is n = 1.52 the light ray is split in multiple ways. This happens as the light travels from a less dense medium being the air to a denser medium which is the glass. 

  • Chemical resistance  

When tested with water, alkaline, and even acid, these countryside glasses stood through these tests. These float glasses are not affected when exposed to the damp air nor do they react to the compounds that contain hydrofluoric acid. 

So, if you plan on installing countryside glass in your houses or offices, you can give us a call on 802-773-3313. 

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