CCTV equipment in Burlington, Rutland, Vermont

CCTV and Burglar alarms for effective home security

CCTV cameras and burglar alarms play a pivotal role in home and residential security. The Royal Group provides advanced and state-of-the-art residential security systems in Burlington, Rutland and Vermont. Residential CCTV enables you to keep an eye on your property even when you are away from home.

Video surveillance and CCTV go hand in hand and provides you with a real-time view of your home. This means you can view video feed of events in and around your home from any connected device such as your notebook, tablet or smartphone.

You can also combine CCTV surveillance with real time monitoring which will enable immediate response to any incident, accident or event. Video surveillance is can also be used in combination with access control systems. With proper video surveillance and access control you will know who enters your home and who leaves. Your security system can also notify you of the time someone enters or leaves your property.

Another important component in home security is a burglar alarm. Homes protected by burglar alarms are less likely to suffer home intrusions and burglaries. There are many different types of burglar alarms solutions from basic bells only to monitored alarms that actually notify a security company the moment your alarm is triggered. Burglar alarm contracts usually include signage that warns potential intruders that your home is protected. Burglar alarms are therefore an effective deterrent to home intrusions. Panic buttons can also be installed in strategic and accessible places so that someone at home can trigger the alarm in the event of an incident. Alarms can also be used to detect other dangers such as smoke, fire, flooding, freezing and so on.

Burglar alarms and CCTV cameras can also form part of a so called smart home which allows you to control devices from a single app on your phone.



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