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If you are running a business, I am sure you know how important it is to ensure utmost security within your business premises. It is not just about your property, but ensuring security takes care of your employees as well as your clients or your customers. So, if you are a business owner and located in Burlington and Rutland VT, come to us at Royal Group. We are providing various security services, CCTV surveillance and fire safety in Vermont and New Hampshire since 1935.

Are you wondering how hiring us can benefit you as a business owner? A professional team of security service providers can help you to ensure safety and disaster management during the time of dire need. Since you are responsible for the safety of many employees within your commercial premises, it is necessary that you trust an experienced professional team for the job. If you are yet to understand, take a look at the following points to know more.

Benefits of Hiring Security Services

  • 24*7 Surveillance: Tracking movements of everyone within your commercial premises manually is not possible. But in the case of theft or security breach, it becomes essential. So, 24*7 surveillance is necessary. A security company can take care of this need.
  • Crime Prevention: Having strong security is often helpful to prevent crime. Intrusion or theft often gets prevented as visible security equipment and armed guards can keep the criminals at bay.
  • Customer Assistance: Security services are trained to assist customers during the hour of need. If there is any major accident or incident of fire, it will obviously create a chaos. In such a situation, the security service helps to evacuate the building and move everyone into a safety zone.

So, now if you are convinced and wish to hire a professional team for your security, give us a call at 800-834-1030 (Toll-Free). You can also visit www.theroyalgroupinc.com to get more information about our services.


Burlington, Vermont CCTV from The Royal Group is affordable and reliable peace of mind when you need it most. Contact us today for details.

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