Burlington Vermont Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms help deter and prevent unwanted intrusions and break ins

These days not having a burglar alarm is like inviting a thief to break into your and rob you. If you don’t want that to happen then you should invest in a burglar alarm and home security system. The Royal Group supplies and installs burglar alarms throughout Burlington VT, Rutland VT and Vermont.

Your home might be adorned with beautiful windows and entry ways, but these also make it easier for burglars and would be intruders to gain access to your home. Studies have shown that home with burglar alarms are far less likely to be broken into.

Burglar alarms are there to protect you, your loved ones and your possessions.  The first objective of nay security should be to prevent. It is better to prevent an unwanted act than deal with consequences afterwards. Burglar alarms prevent unwanted acts through deterrence. A criminal knows the risks are much higher breaking into a home that is protected with intrusion detection equipment.

The second objective of a security system is to warn and notify. If your home security system detects an intrusion it will sound a loud alarm. This warns occupants and gives you time to move to a safe room or take evasive action. A sounding alarm will likely also scare of the intruder. At the same time, your security system will notify a monitoring station and rapid response will follow.

Your security system will also have panic buttons in strategic positions which enable you to alert authorities should your main alarm be switched off. For example, you could have a panic button in a safe room, providing you with an additional way to alert a monitoring station.

Burglar alarms can be complemented with other home security systems such as access control, video surveillance and smart home applications to provide an even greater security blanket.

Burlington Vermont Burglar Alarms from the Royal Group is affordable peace of mind for your home or business. Contact us today for burglar alarms.


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