Burglar Alarms in Burlington, Vermont, and all surrounding areas

If you are serious about home security then the Royal Group can help.  They supply and install residential burglar alarms and related home security systems throughout Burlington VT, Rutland VT and Vermont. Burglar alarms make homes a lot safer by preventing and stopping possible home invasions and burglaries.

The last thing you or your family want is a home invasion. It a horrible experience and will leave you scarred for life. Burglar alarms help prevent home invasions and burglaries. Security signage in and around your property will deter most would be thieves and home invaders. Should this first line of deterrence not work in a certain case, a burglar alarm will detect a home invasion and sound the alarm.  This also warns occupants who could then make their way to a safe room. At the same time, your security system will notify a monitoring station that an incident is in progress. Rapid response will follow.  In most case the thieve or burglar will get scared when an alarm is sounded and try and flee.

Burglar alarms are an important component in residential security. When you add other components such as access control, video surveillance, safe rooms, mobile device technologies and fire alarms, your home will have an effective security system that will be near impossible to breach. Modern technology can put smart residential security in your hands and provide you with the control you need to deal with any emergency. Fire alarms and advanced technologies can also protect your home against risks such as fire, smoke, freeze-ups and water damage.

Modern day residential security systems offer the following features and benefits:

  • Home invasion deterrence
  • Home invasion detection
  • Alarm warning
  • Notifications to monitoring stations
  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Safe rooms and control systems
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Gas detection
  • Water detection
  • Pool incident detection
  • Communication and control systems

Burglar Alarms in Burlington, Vermont, and all surrounding areas, including Rutland, and offering Business Security Systems, Gun Safes, Home Alarms, and more.

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