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If you have a key emergency such as being locked out of your home, lost your keys or need you locks changed in a hurry then it is good to know that you can get hold of a 24 hour locksmith. If you live in Burlington, Rutland or Vermont then the Royal Group is your go to team when you need a 24 hour locksmith. They provide a variety of locksmith and key services such as master keying, restricted keys, audit trail locks, dead bolts, lock installation, home locked out service, automobile locked out service as well as key cutting and more.

Whether you need one master key to unlock many locks or a restricted key that cannot be duplicated or a proven security lock for your home or office, or fast locked out assistance,  a professional 24 hour lock smith such as the Royal Group will be able to help you quickly and effectively.

Access control is particularly important for businesses, security complexes and large organizations and facilities.  Modern access control systems that incorporate the latest technologies enable you to restrict entry into your building or facility. You can also keep track of who is coming or going, how long a person stays in your building and whether he or she is still there or not. Access control systems improve building security and enhance overall office productivity. You can also protect sensitive areas by restricting access to authorised people only.

Access control systems often incorporate keypads or proximity cards but can also be configured for biometric access through the use of devices such as fingerprint scanners.  Access control systems can also be integrated with other building security systems such as intercom systems and video surveillance systems.

So if want to protect your business and keep your employees safe you should invest in a proper access control system that can be monitored and maintained from a central command area.

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